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smart surgical drill - invented by Peyman Dehqani Rad

Iran develops smart surgical drill

Iranian researcher Peyman Dehqani develops a smart surgical drill that helps prevent the side-effects of knee and hip joint replacement surgeries.
Treata hospital manifestation of active interfaith coexistence in Iran

Treata Hospital, Manifestation of Active Interfaith Coexistence in Iran[:ar]Treata Hospital, manifestation of active interfaith...

People of different faiths have contributed to the construction of Treata Hospital and to a loftier cause: serving our fellow Iranians.
Iranian researcher cancer-resistant nanoparticles

Iranian researcher develop cancer-resistant nanoparticles

A Mashhad University of Medical Sciences research group had developed a component which would be effective in treating cancer.
Iran self-sufficient in production of radiopharmaceuticals

Iran self-sufficient in production of radiopharmaceuticals

Research Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) has developed radiopharmaceuticals in collaboration with President’s science and technology deputy.
children with cancer- Iran

Birthday celebration of children with cancer in Iran

birthday celebration of children with cancer in Iran

Iranian Researchers Produce New Anti-Cancer Drug from Turmeric

Iranian researchers from Tarbiat Modarres University produced a new drug capable of detecting and removing cancer cells using turmeric.

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