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Iranian Researchers Produce Eco-Friendly Bin Bags

Iranian Researchers Produce Eco-Friendly Bin Bags

A group of researchers in an Iranian knowledge-based company have managed to produce a kind of biodegradable garbage bag using oxidized nanoparticles.
Clean Energy Plant

Germany to Build Clean Energy Plant in Central Iran

A combined-cycle power plant will be constructed in Iran’s central city of Damghan in cooperation with Germans, the local Governor announced.
red soil24617

Soil of Iran’s Hormuz Island Smuggled Abroad: Environment Chief

Head of Iran’s Department of Environment has confirmed the allegations about the illegal export of soil from Hormuz Island, southern Iran.

Newborn snow leopard photographed

In a rare incident, experts at Parsian Wildlife Institute found a newborn snow cub at Golestan National Park on Jan 25.

Green Marriage: New Trend in Iran to Protect Environment

It is possible to protect the environment in many ways; however, it needs a strong will and motivation. Such a resolve seems to have been reinforced in Iran in recent years to an extent that environmental protection has even become part of the traditional marriage ceremonies.
Lut Desert

Lut Desert Inscribed on World Heritage List as Iran’s First Natural Site

In a session held on Sunday, July 17, in Istanbul, the World Heritage Committee inscribed Iran’s Lut Desert as the country’s first natural site to be registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

MPs’ Bravery and Freedom Will Help Safeguard Iran’s Nature and Biological Diversity

The Head of the Environmental Protection Organization listed Iran’s environmental problems with reference to the upcoming Parliamentary Elections, asking the people to help her...
Iranian cheetah-Delbar

Delbar, an Asiatic cheetah, might be expecting

Further tests and even a sonogram will be run in the presence of a foreign consultant in late March to determine whether she is pregnant.

Dog Tormentor Arrested

The persecutor of a poor dog has been arrested in Iran, after releasing a video on social media. The man was traced by his car's...
Tehran Residents Use 38,000 Litres of Water per Second

Tehran Residents Use 38,000 Litres of Water per Second

Residents of the Iranian capital, Tehran, consume 38 thousands litres of water per second during the burning heat days of this year, a new report says.

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