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Drought in Eastern Iran

The following photos taken in Sistan and Baluchestan Province show four female villagers whose husbands have left their families and the drought-hit village in order to earn money in other cities.
green school in Iran

First green school to open in September

The 1st Iranian green school will open in September in Tehran. Mahnaz Mazaheri said that the office would teach 56,000 teachers on environmental issues.
Mahlagha Mallah

Waste no time; we must protect the environment from trash

An Iranian environment lover who hasn’t produced garbage for six decades says people can do their share to protect the environment through household waste management.
erik Solheim

Iran’s Dust Pollution Originates from ISIS-Controlled Areas: UN

A top UN official says the ongoing dust and particulate pollution in southwestern Iran originates from outside the country, particularly areas controlled by the ISIS terrorist group.

A memorable lesson from donkeys on an Iranian island

It’s time some humans took a leaf out of a donkey’s book.
Iran Lake Urmia

Gradual Revival of Artemia Paints Lake Urmia Red

Increased activity of Artemia brine shrimps and a few other aquatic creatures has changed the colour of Lake Urmia into red.

Iranian and Afghan Environment Chiefs Discuss Hamoun Lake Preservation

The chief of Iran’s Department of Environment (DoE) and the Director-General of Afghanistan’s National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA) discussed issues related to Hamoun Lake preservation.

Bird Garden in Isfahan

Isfahan Bird Garden is located on a 17,000m2 site in the ancient city of Isfahan, central Iran. The garden is home to some 5,000...

Wives of Foreign Ambassadors in Iran Join “I’m Lake Urmia” Campaign[:fa]Wives of Foreign Ambassadors...

Wives of 12 ambassadors to Iran joined the "I'm Lake Urmia" campaign, which aims to collect one million signatures required by the United Nation to help restore the Lake.
Hamid Chitchian

Iran to Launch Tender to Attract $12bn Green Investment

Iran’s Energy Minister Hamid Chitchian revealed the country’s plan to put out a major tender in a bid to draw $12 billion of investment in development of a series of utility-scale renewable-energy projects by year end.

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