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Iran and Indonesia

Iran and Indonesia to Cooperate on Village-Scale Energy Projects

Iranian and Indonesian officials in a meeting on Tuesday June 7 reviewed ways to develop cooperation in the field of village-level energy.
campaign for car-free Tuesdays, Iran

‘Car-Free Tuesdays’ Gains Momentum in Iran

The campaign for car-free Tuesdays, which is gaining momentum across Iran, originated last November in Arak, a city overburdened by too many pollutant industries.

Drought in Eastern Iran

The following photos taken in Sistan and Baluchestan Province show four female villagers whose husbands have left their families and the drought-hit village in order to earn money in other cities.
Hassan Rouhani

Government Working Vigorously to Revive Lake Urmia

President Hassan Rouhani said the government was working hard on projects to revive Lake Urmia.

Reunion with Caspian Seal in Nowshahr

The Caspian seal, an endangered species in the Caspian Sea, is faced with the threat of extinction due to excessive hunting. One of the less than 100,000 Caspian seals remaining in this body of water was recently observed in a rare sighting in Iran.

Shabliz Dam Plan Rejected

The Department of Environment has thrown out a plan to construct a dam on the Shabliz River after reviewing the project’s impact assessment. Citing...

National Environment Awards: Women’s Society, Kimiyaye-Sabz and Mehr Foundation Honoured

The winners of the 11th National Environment Award were announced during a ceremony attended by First Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri.
Iran caspian sea seals

Iran calls on fellow Caspian states to help save Caspian seals

Iranian officials say a ban should be slapped on seal hunting in the Caspian Sea to save seals.

Green Marriage: New Trend in Iran to Protect Environment

It is possible to protect the environment in many ways; however, it needs a strong will and motivation. Such a resolve seems to have been reinforced in Iran in recent years to an extent that environmental protection has even become part of the traditional marriage ceremonies.
Air pollution400_B

Air pollution in Tehran (PHOTOS)

The level of particles 2.5 micrometers or less in size was seven times the level deemed acceptable by the World Health Organization.

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