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How Reading Can Resolve Issue of Air Pollution

An Iranian filmmaker says the ongoing air pollution in big cities of Iran could be avoided if people and officials read more books.

Iranian Official Apologizes to Tourists for Air Pollution

A top tourism official in Tehran formally apologized to Iranian and foreign tourists for the ongoing air pollution in the capital city.

Parliament OK’s Iran’s Accession to Paris Climate Agreement

Iranian Parliament on Sunday permitted the country’s accession to Paris Agreement, which is aimed at stopping global warming. This came as the US president-elect is trying to get his country, one of the world’s main producers of greenhouse gases, out of the agreement.

Rangers Seize Several Taxidermied Animals from Hunters

Rangers in Semnan Province, central Iran, arrested a number of hunters with a large number of taxidermied animals.

1.5 Milion Rats in Tehran: Unwanted Guests from Norway

A city official says the huge number of rats in the Iranian capital have mostly come from cargo ships arriving in Iranian ports.

Wives of Foreign Ambassadors in Iran Join “I’m Lake Urmia” Campaign

Wives of 12 ambassadors to Iran joined the "I'm Lake Urmia" campaign, which aims to collect one million signatures required by the United Nation to help restore the Lake.

Dust Pollution in Western Iran Reaches ‘Dangerous’ Levels

The air pollution caused by dust and particles in Iran’s western provinces, including Khuzestan, has reached “dangerous” levels. The disruptive dust storms have pushed pollution...

China Is Banned from Buying Donkeys!

China's demand for donkey products, used in traditional remedies, is proving problematic for African suppliers and causing economic and environmental problems.

Instagram’s Photo of the Day: Mother and Child Swimming in Lake Urmia

A photo of an Iranian mother and her child swimming in Lake Urmia in northwestern Iran was selected by Instagram as its photo of...

Robots to Combat Desertification and Repel Pests

Iranian researchers have designed robots that help combat desertification and repel pests.

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