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Iranian Cheetahs’ Population Declining Rapidly: ICS

The head of the Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS), a Tehran-based NGO, said the population of Iranian cheetahs, also known as Asiatic cheetahs, is undergoing a rapid decline despite all measures taken to save the endangered species.
Ségolène Royal-Urmia

French Minister Visits Iran’s Lake Urmia

French Minister of Ecology Ségolène Royal paid an aerial visit to the shrinking Lake Urmia in Northwestern Iran.
Masoumeh Ebtekar

Environmental Education to Be Provided in 108,000 Schools: Ebtekar

Masoumeh Ebtekar, the Head of Iran’s Department of Environment (DoE), announced that 108,000 schools across the country will receive environmental education as per the MoUs the DoE has signed with the Ministry of Education.
Iran Lake Urmia

Iran-Japan Joint Operation to Revive Lake Urmia

An Iranian official announced that Japan is ready to help restore Iran’s shrinking Lake Urmia and the joint operation will start in a few days.

Italian Desert Explorer to Run in Support of Iran’s Lut Desert and Asiatic Cheetah

An Italian desert explorer is going to run the impassable tracks of Iran’s Loot Desert in an effort to voice support for the national project of “Lut and Cheetah”.

No to Plastic Bags in Green Supermarket

A true environmentalist living in Iran’s capital city of Tehran, in an unprecedented, yet praiseworthy effort has boycotted all plastic bags and intended to sell groceries in cloth bags instead.

Rangers vs. Hunters: How Rangers Endanger Their Lives to Save Animals

Dena Biosphere Reserve in Western Iran is home to many valuable species of animals; however, the national park rangers have to risk their lives to stop hunters from killing animals and destroying the environment.
Iranian cheetah

Images of 50 Endangered Species on Iran’s Sports Clothing

Iranian sport teams will appear in the Rio 2016 Olympics while, in addition to the Iranian cheetah, the images of 50 endangered species are going to be printed on their sports clothing, an official announced.

Iran and South Korea Ink Water Treatment Deal

South Korea is about to help Iran on water supply and management and wastewater treatment under three memorandums of understanding signed in Tehran on Sunday, August 7.

Valuable Species of Blind Fish Found in Newly-Discovered Cave

A resident of Tashan district located in Iran’s south-western city of Behbahan spotted a gap on a hill near his home village. To satisfy his curiosity, he approached it for closer examination and found that he is looking at a cave that is home to a valuable species of fish.

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