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Green Film Festival Director Hopes for Event’s Continuation

Farhad Tohidi, director of the 5th Green International Film Festival that was held after a 10-year hiatus, expressed his hope that the environmental film festival would continue in coming years.
Iran caspian sea seals

Iran calls on fellow Caspian states to help save Caspian seals

Iranian officials say a ban should be slapped on seal hunting in the Caspian Sea to save seals.
Turquoise (15)

World’s Best Turquoise Extracted by Villagers: Dynamite, Cancer, and Money!

“The people of this village make huge money by extracting turquoise.” This is what many people in Nishapur say about the residents of Ma’dan village, who have leased the turquoise mine from the government for a 25-year period, and are extracting the precious stone themselves.
Iran Declares One Day of Mourning after Quake Tragedy

Iran Declares One Day of Mourning after Quake Tragedy

Iranian government has announced Tuesday a day of public mourning following the deadly quake in the western provinces of the country.
World Conference of Mayors

World Conference of Mayors and Councillors Kicks Off in Tehran

The 1st ‘World Conference of Mayors and Councillors 2016’ was inaugurated at Tehran’s iconic Milad Tower on Wednesday, July 20, with President Hassan Rouhani and over 2,000 participants in attendance.

Abdullah Thanks Iran for Letting Afghan Children Get Schooling

Afghanistan's Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah praised Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei for an order to provide Afghan children residing in Iran with the opportunity to receive education.

Iranian Girl Wins National Rally Contest

Leila Peykanpour, an Iranian girl from Isfahan, claimed the title in the first round of a national rally championship in KIA Pride Class. According to...

Several Schoolgirls Killed in Tragic Bus Crash Southern Iran

At least 7 female junior high-school students and two others were killed and dozens severely wounded after a bus carrying them overturned in Iran’s southern Hormozgan Province.

Collision of Chinese Ship with Iranian Oil Tanker Ambiguous: Expert

An energy expert has called the Sanchi oil tanker collision an ambiguous case, saying that further investigation will indicate whether the Chinese have done what they could to prevent the tragic incident and its loses.

Iran Gives Saudi until Sunday for Hajj Agreement

The head of Iran’s Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization says Saudi Arabia refuses to accept Tehran's conditions in a deal that guarantees preserving the dignity of Iranian pilgrims during this year’s Hajj pilgrimage.

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