Up-to-date coverage of everything related to Iran’s Majlis, or Parliament. Separate from the government, the Parliament is an elected chamber of lawmakers with its own factions and responsibilities.


Iran Oil Minister Raps MPs for Opposing Total Deal

Iran’s oil minister has criticized a number of lawmakers for their opposition to a recent gas deal between Iran and the French energy giant Total.
Ali Larijani -Jan Hamáček

‘Multilateral Cooperation Facilitates Fight against Terror’

Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani says multilateral cooperation amounts to a problem-solving mechanism in the war on terror and drug trafficking.

Lawmaker Writes Book on Iran’s Legislation System

A new book has been published by an Iranian lawmaker on the pathology of the country’s legislation system.
Iran Urges Eurasian States to Boost Economic Ties

Iran Urges Eurasian States to Boost Economic Ties

Iran’s parliament speaker has called on Eurasian countries to work towards enhancing their economic cooperation.

‘US Bans on Independent Nations against Int’l Law’

Iran’s top parliamentarian says Washington’s ratification of unilateral sanctions against independent countries is a gross violation of international law.
Rouhani’s Swearing-in Ceremony to Be Held on Schedule

Rouhani’s Swearing-in Ceremony to Be Held on Schedule

An Iranian parliament official says the swearing-in ceremony of Iran’s President-elect Hassan Rouhani will be held on the previously-planned date.
Iran MPs to Question Minister over Saudi Imports

Iran MPs to Question Minister over Import of Saudi Goods

An Iranian MP says the country’s Minister of Industry will be summoned to answer lawmakers’ questions on alleged import of goods from Saudi Arabia.
Iran's Parliament

“Iran Attacks on ISIS, Message to Sponsors of Terrorists”

A number of Iranian lawmakers say the IRGC’s Sunday missile strikes targeting the terrorists’ positions in Syria were not only a response to the recent Tehran attacks, but also a strong warning to the extremists’ supporters.
Iran's Parliament

Iran’s Parliament to Discuss Retaliation of US Sanctions Bill

The Iranian lawmakers are going to discuss a motion to take reciprocal measures in retaliation to a bill the US Senate has passed to impose new sanctions on Tehran, an Iranian MP said.
June 7 Can Be Named Day of Solidarity against Terror

“June 7 Can Be Named Day of Solidarity against Terror”

An Iranian MP has proposed that June 7, the day Tehran was attacked by ISIS terrorists, be named as National Day of Solidarity against Terrorism.

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