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Up-to-date coverage of everything related to Iran’s Majlis, or Parliament. Separate from the government, the Parliament is an elected chamber of lawmakers with its own factions and responsibilities.


‘Iran Has Plans to Counter US Possible Pullout from JCPOA’

Iranian legislators say Tehran has plans to deal with Washington’s possible withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal.

Iran’s Parliamentary Delegation Due in Moscow

A delegation of Iranian MPs is to leave Tehran for Moscow for a 5-day visit.
Iran's Parliament

“Rise in Cash Subsidies Needs MPs’ Approval”

A top Iranian parliamentarian says the issue of increasing cash subsidies, promised by certain presidential candidates, will be subject to the Parliament’s approval.

Speaker: Huge turnout in Feb 26 elections makes Iran stronger

Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said massive participation in the February 26 elections nationwide made Iran's international foothold stronger.
Iran Urges Eurasian States to Boost Economic Ties

Iran Urges Eurasian States to Boost Economic Ties

Iran’s parliament speaker has called on Eurasian countries to work towards enhancing their economic cooperation.

Top Iranian, French Lawmakers Hold Talks in Tehran

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani and President of France’s National Assembly Claude Bartolone discussed a range of issues in a meeting on Tuesday, with the Iranian side hailing common views on the Middle East crises and the fight against terrorism.

Over 200 MPs Hail Gen. Soleimani’s Role in ISIS Defeat

Iranian lawmakers have sent a letter to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution to congratulate him on the total eradication of ISIS in Iraq and Syria and to praise General Soleimani for his leading role.

Iran resistance proved bullying ineffective: Parliament speaker

Some big powers tried to bring the Iranian nation to its knees, but the nation emerged victorious through steadfastness, Larijani told the Fourth World Conference of Parliament Speakers.

Larijani Elected Iran’s New Parliament Speaker

Iranian parliament members voted Ali Larijani as the Speaker of Iran’s new parliament following February elections.
Mehdi Davatgari

Bill to halt Iran-P5+1 talks contradicts Iran’s Constitution: MP

The bill which would require a halt to nuclear talks unless the US stops its threatening rhetoric against the Islamic Republic will be rejected by the Custodians Council, Davatgari predicted.

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