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Up-to-date coverage of everything related to Iran’s Majlis, or Parliament. Separate from the government, the Parliament is an elected chamber of lawmakers with its own factions and responsibilities.


Top Iranian, French Lawmakers Hold Talks in Tehran

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani and President of France’s National Assembly Claude Bartolone discussed a range of issues in a meeting on Tuesday, with the Iranian side hailing common views on the Middle East crises and the fight against terrorism.

Aref Unveils ‘Faction of Hope’ Slogan, Vows to Focus on Economic Concerns

Mohammad Reza Aref, a leading moderate reformer who won the highest number of votes in Tehran in the February 26 parliamentary elections, said on Saturday that he and his colleagues will do their utmost to realize their motto of “Hope, peace, and economic prosperity” in the upcoming Parliament.

Iranian MPs Propose Motion to Fight Dust Pollution

A group of Iranian lawmakers put forward a motion to oblige President Hassan Rouhani’s administration to address the issue of dust pollution in the country’s western provinces, a parliamentarian said.

Parliament Speaker: Only Resistance Can Liberate Palestine

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani in a message to Politburo Chief of the Palestinian Resistance Hamas Movement Khalid Mashal felicitated him on the recent victory of the Palestinians in the Gaza war against Israel, and underlined that Palestinians should continue their armed struggle against Tel Aviv as the only way to liberate their occupied lands.

The controversy a speech on the floor caused

Newspapers and MPs with different political leanings have reacted differently to Ali Motahari’s comments that sparked a brawl in parliament.

Iranian MPs Issue Statement to Express Support for IRGC

246 of Iranian lawmakers have issued a statement to express their support for the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps on the anniversary of the IRGC’s establishment anniversary.

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry Disqualifies 35 Dual Nationals from Working in Government Positions

An Iranian lawmaker says the Intelligence Ministry has prevented the appointment of dozens to government positions over their dual nationality.
Ahmad Tavakoli

Absence of powerful parties damages parliament’s efficacy: MP

Ahmad Tavakoli who represents Tehran in parliament challenges a lack of multiparty system in Iran’s legislature, saying this harms people’s interests.
Iranian parliament speaker

Iran Not to Cooperate with Fake US-Led Anti-ISIL Coalition

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani described the US-led coalition against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) terrorist group as a 'political joke', and said Tehran will not cooperate in such a fake coalition.

Iranian Lawmakers to Hold Meeting on Blocking Telegram

A senior Iranian MP says the Parliament’s Economic and National Security Commissions are to hold a joint meeting to discuss the filtering of the popular messaging app Telegram.

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