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News and views from the world of politics in Iran and the region, including government, Parliament, foreign affairs, defence and more. Also there is special coverage of developments related to the 2015 nuclear deal, or JCPOA.

Emami Kashani

West must abide by obligations toward Iran: Cleric

A senior Iranian cleric has said the joint statement showed that the West has recognized Iran's right to peaceful nuclear energy.
ZArif-Laussane Talks

Iranian nation proved it will never give in to pressure: Zarif

There has been positive reaction to a joint statement adopted by Iran and P5+1 at the close of marathon nuclear talks in Switzerland.
Iran Talks Laussane

Full text of Iran-P5+1 joint statement

Iran and P5+1 have issued a joint statement at the end of eight days of intensive nuclear talks in Switzerland.
Iran Talks-End

Iran, P5+1 joint statement calling for removal of all anti-Iran sanctions

Iran and P5+1 call, in a joint statement, for the removal of all anti-Iran sanctions.
Iran Police

Three Iranian policemen killed in terrorist attack in Khuzestan

The three officers were killed when unknown gunmen opened fire on a temporary police station at a park in the city of Hamidiyeh, 25 km west of Ahvaz.

Statement to be issued later Thursday: Iranian FM

It is a tough job. We need to talk with these countries which in turn need to make coordination within their own ranks, Zarif said.
Mohammad Javad Zarif

Issues still to be resolved in Iran nuclear talks: Zarif

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says there are still a number of issues that need to be resolved, calling on the six major powers involved in talks with the Islamic Republic over its nuclear energy program to show more flexibility.
Zarif-Iran Talks

Zarif on nuclear talks: Hope to start drafting Wednesday

I hope we can finalize the work on Wednesday and hopefully start the process of drafting tomorrow, Zarif told reporters.
Mohammad Hassan Asafari

Iran needs guarantees on Western compliance with terms of deal: MP

Mohammad Hassan Asafari said in the first phase of the agreement, the banking and oil sanctions imposed against Iran should be removed.
Islamic Republic Day

Iran commemorates Islamic Republic Day

Some 98.2 percent of eligible Iranians voters voted for the establishment of an Islamic Republic in the country 36 years ago today.

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