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News and views from the world of politics in Iran and the region, including government, Parliament, foreign affairs, defence and more. Also there is special coverage of developments related to the 2015 nuclear deal, or JCPOA.


Iran: Single-phase agreement only acceptable solution to nuclear standoff

The Foreign Ministry spokeswoman has said that Iran will accept an agreement in a single phase and all its details should be clear and it should contain no ambiguities
Wendy Sherman

Iran, US to resume new nuclear talks in Geneva

The US State Department has said that Under Secretary of State Wendy Sherman and her team will travel to Geneva Thursday to hold negotiations with Iranian officials.
Iran elections

Iran’s legislative elections to come on February 26, 2016

The Guardian Council has announced that Iran's parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections will be held on February 26, 2016.

All the deadlocks of Obama

Khamenei.ir analyzes in an opinion piece a possible Iran-West nuclear deal and the fact that – unlike Iran – the US would benefit from even a bad deal.

Iran should resist sanctions: Leader

The Leader said that if Iran does not resist sanctions, the enemy will set conditions for Tehran’s nuclear program and put bans on the country.
Assembly of Experts

A new face of the Assembly of Experts

Hamshahri Mah Magazine analyzes Iran’s political landscape one year before the Assembly of Experts elections.

Iran, Belarus agree to expand bilateral ties

Iran and Belarus have agreed to expand their bilateral relations during an upcoming visit by the Belarusian head of state to the Islamic Republic.

Sanctions against Iran benefit drug trafficking and terrorism

Criticizing the lack of support from the international community, Rahmani Fazli said that the world must be wary of the growing threat of terrorism and drug trafficking.
Mohsen Sarkhou

Municipality should not pick up the tab for efforts to undermine the government

A Tehran City councilor says municipality’s public funds shouldn’t be used for political gains.
Iran Azerbaijan

Iran, Azerbaijan FMs explore Nagorno-Karabakh disputes

Iran seeks a peaceful solution to end the dispute over Nagorno-Karabakh region in line with international law, said Zarif.

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