US to Allay British Banks’ Concerns about Ties with Iran

US Secretary of State John Kerry is planning to hold talks with representatives of a number of British banks this week in London in a move to allay their concerns about forging ties with Iran.

Former Iranian nuclear negotiator lashes out at JCPOA

Our acceptance of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action would amount to renunciation of 100 or so of our inalienable rights, Jalili said in an Instagram posting.
IAEA delegation arrives in Tehran

IAEA delegation arrives in Tehran (PHOTOS)

Photos of the arrival in Tehran of an IAEA delegation.

Iran warns IAEA against leakage of confidential data to US Senate

The agreements between a country and the IAEA, which are classified, can by no means be presented to any other country, said the Iranian ambassador to the IAEA.

Ambassador: France Resolved to Fulfill JCPOA Commitments

France's new Ambassador to Iran, François Sénémaud, in a May 1 meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif underlined his country's resolve to fulfill its commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), also known as the nuclear deal.

US President Accuses Iran of Seeking to Develop Nukes

US President Donald Trump has once again accused Iran of seeking to develop nuclear weapons, arguing that he would prevent Tehran from ever gaining nukes.

Nuclear negotiators in parliament to present report (PHOTOS)

Images of Iranian nuclear negotiators in parliament to present a report to MPs on the nuclear deal with P5+1.
Mojtaba Zolnoor

Iranian MP Urges Readiness to Retaliate US Breach of JCPOA

An Iranian lawmaker described the likely presidential endorsement of two anti-Iran bills, now under discussion in US Congress, as a flagrant violation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), calling on Iran’s administration to get ready for taking retaliatory measures.

Trump Needs to Shift Public Opinion on Iran Deal: MP

An Iranian MP says Trump’s campaign remarks have put the US administration under heavy pressure of public opinion to scrap the nuclear deal with Iran, but he has no choice but to pursue its implementation.

Cooperation with US depends on progress of JCPOA: Nahavandian

Any possible Tehran-Washington cooperation will depend on the way the nuclear accord is implemented, Nahavandian said.

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