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Expert calls Obama’s Iran remarks realistic

Mehdi Motaharnia says President Obama’s recent comments on Iran shows he is a realistic, pragmatic, and visionary leader.

Iran rejects AP report of nuclear deal with P5+1

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman has denied a report by The Associated Press that Iran and P5+1 have agreed to a tentative formula, reiterating that both sides in the talks are still arguing.

Iranian survival does not hinge on a deal with the West

Gholamali Haddad Adel says the Iranian survival does not hinge on a deal with the West and unity holds the key to principlist success.
Ali-Akbar Salehi

Iran has built seven advanced laser systems for medical uses

Iran says experts at the Atomic Energy Organization have built seven new state-of-the-art laser systems to be used in medical procedures.
Mohammad Javad ZArif

FM: Iran seeks removal of all sanctions

Underlying Iran’s determination to settle its nuclear dispute with the West, Zarif said the removal of all sanctions is an essential component of any agreement between Iran and P5+1.
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The march toward final nuclear deal should gather momentum

Fararu, an Iranian news website, examines Iran’s nuclear case, urging Iran and P5+1 to arrive at a political agreement before a Republican-majority Congress meets.

Iran’s nuclear policy is transparent: Nahavandian

Iran welcomes the presence, cooperation and investment of all EU members, including Norway, in economic and cultural areas, said Nahavandian in a meeting with the Norwegian ambassador.

Why the Iranian top diplomat sent letters to his counterparts around the world

Two former Iranian diplomats explain why Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif wrote letters earlier this month to his counterparts around the world on Iran’s nuclear policies.

Iran Blasts West’s “Unlawful” Sanctions

Nuclear talks will bear fruit only if the Western parties come to the understanding that “unfair sanctions do not amount to a great achievement for them”, Zarif said.
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Iran has rejected illegitimate demands in nuclear talks: Zarif

The Iranian foreign minister says his negotiators have tried to be creative and innovative and have offered solutions in talks with P5+1.

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