Nuclear Talks

In the absence of a deal by Nov. 24, atmosphere of Iran-US talks will...

Ali Khorram, a former Iranian diplomat, says failure to strike a comprehensive deal in Vienna would be the worst possible scenario for nuclear negotiations.
Zarif in Vienna

Iranian foreign minister describes talks with Ashton as positive

Iran’s foreign minister has described his talks with P5+1 chief negotiator Catherine Ashton in Vienna as positive, saying the progress of the talks depends on the other party’s political will.
Zarif in Vienna

With or without a deal, November 24 is a day of national victory: Iranian...

The Iranian foreign minister says whether or not a deal is struck in Vienna talks with P5+1, Iranians are the winners.
Shamkhani: Presence of Daesh in Iraq, a threat to whole region

Dealings, not sanctions hold the key to Iran’s nuclear case: Official

Ali Shamkhani says the best way for the West to resolve its nuclear dispute with Tehran goes through talks, not sanctions.
Nuclear Talks

Will it be a comprehensive deal or a step-by-step agreement?

With a deadline for an Iran-P5+1 nuclear deal approaching fast, a news agency puts the talks to strike a comprehensive deal in perspective.

Iran’s FM, EU’s Ashton to attend working lunch in Vienna

Week-long negotiations between Iran and P5+1 are to get underway in Vienna today, it still remains to be seen whether or not it will yield a final deal.
General Reza Naqdi

Basij supports the nuclear negotiating team: General

Brigadier General Naqdi says just like their fellow Iranians members of the Basij volunteer force support the nuclear negotiating team.

China praises Iran’s efforts to facilitate nuclear deal

China’s foreign minister has said what Iran has done in the course of nuclear talks to help ink a final deal with P5+1 is praiseworthy.

Iran: Any nuclear deal should lift sanctions entirely

The Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council has said that conclusion of a final nuclear agreement will be a strong possibility if the other side takes a logical, non-political approach.
Hossein kachooian

There is no win-win situation; only one winner emerges from the conflict between Islam...

Hossein Kachouyan, a participant at a “Red Line” conference, has rejected a win-win deal between Iran and P5+1, saying that only one winner emerges from the battle between Islam and atheism.

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