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Stories and opinion related to the Iranian government, including the President, his cabinet, and ministries directly under governmental control.

Iran President Meets Top IRGC Commanders

Iran President Meets Top IRGC Commanders

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, in a meeting with top IRGC commanders, hailed the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps' services, stressing that unity among all Iranian forces is key to serving the nation.

President Rouhani under Pressure on Cabinet Line-Up

As Iranian President Rouhani is preparing to announce his next cabinet, speculations are increasingly raised on his cabinet’s line-up by main political figures from the two main political camps in Iran.
Free Access to Info

Iran Launches Portal to Promote Freedom of Information (FOI)

In an effort to increase transparency and promote Freedom of Information (FOI) in the Islamic Republic, the Iranian government has officially launched a portal that provides people with free access to the information of state institutions.
Rouhani’s Swearing-in Ceremony to Be Held on Schedule

Rouhani’s Swearing-in Ceremony to Be Held on Schedule

An Iranian parliament official says the swearing-in ceremony of Iran’s President-elect Hassan Rouhani will be held on the previously-planned date.
Rouhani's Administration Fully Backs IRGC's Missile Activities

Rouhani’s Administration Fully Backs IRGC’s Missile Activities

The spokesman for the Iranian administration praised a recent missile attack the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps launched against terrorists in Syria as a manifestation of national might, stressing that the cabinet supports the IRGC’s missile program and capabilities.
Rouhani May Appoint Three Female Ministers in New Cabinet

Rouhani May Appoint Three Female Ministers in New Cabinet

Iranian vice-president for women affairs says Rouhani will most probably designate two or three female ministers in his next cabinet, which is supposed to be formed within a couple of months.
Ayatollah Amoli Larijani

Iran Judiciary Slams Provocative Remarks on Opposition Figures’ House Arrest

Iranian Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani indirectly criticized Hassan Rouhani’s campaign promise to end the house arrest of opposition figures, saying those who make such ‘provocative’ promises are not in a position to fulfil them.
Hossein Entezami

Iran Starts Implementing Law on Freedom of Information (FOI)

An Iranian official says an online system has been launched to provide Iranian citizens with free access to the information of public and private organizations and institutes.

Rouhani to Hold First Press Conference after Re-Election

Hassan Rouhani, who was recently re-elected as Iran’s president in the May 19 presidential election, is going to attend a press conference in Tehran.
Mohammad Javad Zarif

“Rouhani Gov’t Made Many Breakthroughs in Past 4 Years”

Iran’s foreign minister has thrown his weight behind the Rouhani administration’s performance, saying it has secured several breakthroughs during its tenure.

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