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Stories and opinion related to the Iranian government, including the President, his cabinet, and ministries directly under governmental control.


Iran supports any Muslim fighting extremism

President Rouhani says that Iran will support any Muslim nation or entity which fights against violence, extremism and terrorism.
Mohammad Baqer Nobakht

Iran Condemns Any Move in Support of MKO

Spokesman for the Iranian Administration Mohammad Baqer Nobakht strongly denounced the gathering of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) in Paris and stressed that resorting to a “despised and demolished” group and a “stinking corpse” is a sign of “weakness and desperation.”

Iranian scientists enter new stage in space science: President Rouhani

The government is determined to continue the path toward national progress, said President Rouhani, vowing that in a few years Iran’s space needs will be fully fulfilled by domestic technology.

Iran congratulates world Christians on New Year

Jesus came to say that God is one and for all humanity and there is no such thing as a superior, better ethnic group, said President Rouhani in his New Year congratulatory message.

Gov’t Spokesman Congratulates Farhadi and Hosseini on Cannes Awards

Spokesman for the Iranian Administration Mohammad Baqer Nobakht referred to the recent awards given to Iranian artists in Cannes Film Festival as a source of pride for the Iranian nation, and extended his congratulations on the international success.
Eshagh Jahangiri at a meeting with Nouri al-Maliki

Iran, Iraq should join hands to counter enemies’ plots: Iran’s Vice President

Iraq’s stability and security is closely intertwined with those of Iran, reiterated Eshagh Jahangiri.
Rohani Government

Is a shakeup in the cards?

Although President Rouhani has a granted half-hearted green-light to a Cabinet shakeup, official news about change has yet to be made public.

Iran to Receive Loan from Russia for Its Infrastructure Projects

The Iranian cabinet has approved a bill that allows the government to receive loan from Russia for implementation of certain infrastructure and production projects.

Iran Enjoyed Fruits of Rouhani’s Policies at Recent UNGA Meetings

An Iranian official explained about the outcomes of a recent visit by President Rouhani to the United Nations.

Iran Raises Concerns over Countries’ Refusal to Comply with Nuclear Disarmament Commitments

Gholamhossein Dehghani, the Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations, categorically slammed certain countries for their refusal to abide by nuclear disarmament commitments.

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