Why Iran’s Missile Tests Don’t Violate UNSC Resolution 2231

Why Iran’s Missile Tests Don’t Violate UNSC Resolution 2231

Two Iranian experts of international law have discussed why the Islamic Republic of Iran’s missile tests are not against the UN Security Council Resolution 2231.
Mohammad-Ebrahim Rezaee

US Court Ruling Part of Anti-Iran War of Nerves: MP

An Iranian legislator has strongly slammed a ‘pointless and illogical’ US court ruling which urges Iran to pay compensation to the families of the victims of a bombing attributed to Hamas.

Iran, S. Korea Hold Joint Seminar on Intellectual Property

Iran and South Korea as two close economic partners have held a joint seminar on intellectual property in the Iranian capital, Tehran.
Amoli Larijani

‘Legal Procedures in Iran None of Trump’s Business’

Iran’s Judiciary chief has dismissed a recent US statement on the US prisoners in Iran as pointless, and said legal proceedings in Iran are none of Washington’s business.
Iran's Parliament

Iran Studying Plan to Hand Out Diluted Drugs to Addicts

Iranian legislators have passed a motion to hand out narcotics to drug addicts to help them give up their addiction.

‘Iran’s Law on FOI, Landmark in Promoting Civil Rights’

A top Iranian academic says the law on Freedom of Information is a turning point in promoting civil rights in the Islamic Republic.
Free Access to Info

Iran Launches Portal to Promote Freedom of Information (FOI)

In an effort to increase transparency and promote Freedom of Information (FOI) in the Islamic Republic, the Iranian government has officially launched a portal that provides people with free access to the information of state institutions.
Bahram Qassemi

Spokesman Blasts Canadian Court’s Anti-Iran Ruling

Iran’s foreign ministry has slammed a Canadian court’s decision to uphold a US court ruling against the Islamic Republic, calling it a breach of international law.

Lawmaker Writes Book on Iran’s Legislation System

A new book has been published by an Iranian lawmaker on the pathology of the country’s legislation system.
Hossein Entezami

Iran Starts Implementing Law on Freedom of Information (FOI)

An Iranian official says an online system has been launched to provide Iranian citizens with free access to the information of public and private organizations and institutes.

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