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Founding father of numismatics in Iran

Coins dating back to the reign of Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar are the world’s rarest and most expensive, the veteran numismatist said.

Namakdan (Salt Shaker) Cave; a salty attraction in the Persian Gulf

The salt in Namakdan Cave is among the best common salt which is rich in magnesium and can be used for medical purposes.
Masoumeh Ebtekar

Environment chief: Iran wins legal battle against US

The number of Maragheh Fossils is 3,000, of which 1,500 fossils were sent to US for research, the environment chief said.

Fall in western Iran (PHOTOS)

Misty mountains and grounds covered with colorful leaves are just part of scenic beauty that nature puts on show in fall in the city of Kermanshah.

Excavations uncover ancient gate in Persepolis

The most important findings of the excavations are 30 glazed bricks adorned with images of winged animals which incorporate the mythic beasts of the Elamite and Achemenid eras.
Iranian Selfi

A month-long trip around Iran to take selfies

A young Iranian man makes a film of selfies he has taken at different historical sites and his video goes viral on the Internet.
old stone house00

Millennia-old stone houses near Tehran (PHOTOS)

The houses which are carved into rocks date back to the pre-Islamic era.
Zand Historical House0

Zand Historical House, a museum of anthropology (PHOTOS)

Although the house has been restored a few times, its original structure has remained intact.
Ancient earthenware0

Ancient earthenware excavated in subway station in Isfahan (PHOTOS)

During construction work to install the ventilation ducts of a subway station, a number of ancient pottery vessels have been discovered in Isfahan.
Old laundry house_243

Old laundry house in northwestern Iran (PHOTOS)

The laundry house which was built in 1966 now serves as a museum of anthropology.

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