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Iranian cheetah

Images of 50 Endangered Species on Iran’s Sports Clothing

Iranian sport teams will appear in the Rio 2016 Olympics while, in addition to the Iranian cheetah, the images of 50 endangered species are going to be printed on their sports clothing, an official announced.

Gorgeous sunset on Kish Island(PHOTOS)

The coral-rimmed, oval-shaped Island of Kish off the southern coast of Iran shines a fiery orange in the sunset, creating a unique and fascinating...
Orumiyeh Lake5

Orumiyeh Lake (Aerial PHOTOS)

The likelihood of the lake's drying up a few years ago caused a flurry of activities to save it, but it is still in anything but ideal conditions.

Iran’s Coastal Waters New Home to Rarely Seen Venomous Sea Snake[:es]Aguas costeras de Irán,...

Günther's sea snake, a rarely seen venomous sea snake with distribution thought to stretch from the Malay Peninsula to Pakistan, has now been recorded from Iranian coastal waters off the western Gulf of Oman.[:es]La serpiente marina de Günther, es una rara serpiente marina venenosa que rara vez se ve inmigrar de la península de Malasia a Pakistán, y ahora ha sido registrada en las aguas costeras iraníes fuera del oeste del Golfo de Omán.
Iran Wildlife - Rare Fox

Rare Corsac Fox Caught on Camera

A 58th issue of Sarzamin-e Man (My Land) Monthly, out in August 2014, features a rare photo of Corsac Fox in Iran.
Qeshm Geopark Becomes Global after Receiving UNESCO Green Card

Qeshm Geopark Becomes Global after Receiving UNESCO Green Card

Qeshm Geopark in the southern Iranian island of Qeshm has become a UNESCO Global Geopark after obtaining the UN cultural body’s green card.

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Bisheh Waterfall

The Bisheh plain and waterfall is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Lorestan province, western Iran.

Chehreh Rock in southwestern Iran in photos

Chehreh Rock which is perched on a towering cliff edge in southwestern Iran is a major tourist attraction.

Animals Escape Zoo in Iran, but “Citizens Not in Danger”

A senior environmental official has given citizens assurances that they are not in danger after several animals broke loose from a zoo in northwestern Iran amid a heavy storm.

Life Returns to Iran’s Lapoo Lake with Singing Swans

The 700-hectare lake of Lapoo in the west of Miankaleh Wetland, northern Iran, which had become an abandoned place due to lack of migratory birds, once again is revived with the arrival of the first group of singing swans.

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