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Lovely and unique wildlife in Mazandaran Province

Volunteer environmentalists, who protect Iran's northern forests, have snapped great photos of animals in their habitat.

Heavy Rain in Southern Iran Breathes New Life into Maharloo Lake

The recent heavy rainfall in southern Iran have breathed a new life into several shrinking wetlands and lakes including Maharloo Lake, near Shiraz.
Rig-e Jenn00

Mystery of Rig-e Jenn, Iran’s most unknown spot (PHOTOS)

Except a handful of researchers who have traveled to Rig-e Jenn, no one has ever passed through it.
Kafe Namak

Kafe Namak or Salt Lake in Sirjan (Photos)

Namak Lake in Sirjan, Kerman Province, is one of the unique, beautiful faces of nature in southern Iran.

Beauty of Autumn in Iran’s Qazvin Province

Located in northwest of Iran, Qazvin Province is home to beautiful forests and picturesque gardens. Qazvin’s trees are worth seeing in autumn.
Iran-Khuzestan environment

Khuzestan Province, Land of Oil and More

A closer look at Iran’s Khuzestan Province, widely known for its oil reserves, reveals oil is not the only resource of the province.

Iran’s Coastal Waters New Home to Rarely Seen Venomous Sea Snake[:es]Aguas costeras de Irán,...

Günther's sea snake, a rarely seen venomous sea snake with distribution thought to stretch from the Malay Peninsula to Pakistan, has now been recorded from Iranian coastal waters off the western Gulf of Oman.[:es]La serpiente marina de Günther, es una rara serpiente marina venenosa que rara vez se ve inmigrar de la península de Malasia a Pakistán, y ahora ha sido registrada en las aguas costeras iraníes fuera del oeste del Golfo de Omán.

Reunion with Caspian Seal in Nowshahr

The Caspian seal, an endangered species in the Caspian Sea, is faced with the threat of extinction due to excessive hunting. One of the less than 100,000 Caspian seals remaining in this body of water was recently observed in a rare sighting in Iran.

Pomegranate blossoms

Iran's Zagros Mountains, which run across the country from the northwest to the south, are famous for being a perfect habitat for pomegranates, which are known in Persian as Anar.
Persian Leopard

Persian leopard with implanted gold crowns

In an operation, unprecedented in the country, Iranian doctors put gold crowns over the damaged teeth of a leopard.

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