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Signs of early modern humans found in a cave in western Iran

The reasons which contributed to the mystery extinction of Neanderthals are highly likely to be unraveled during the excavations across different sites in Khorramabad Valley.
Seljuq Dynasty in Isfahan

History Show with a focus on the Seljuq Dynasty in Isfahan (PHOTOS)

Snapshots of a theater festival aimed at educating people in Isfahan on the Seljuq Dynasty through theatrical performances.

Isfahan History Show (PHOTOS)

Troupes reenacting the history of Isfahan, in central Iran.
Rayen Citadel

Rayen Citadel in southern Iran (PHOTOS)

A photo gallery featuring the ancient site of Rayen Citadel in the southern city of Kerman.

100-plus ancient epigraphs return home from US (PHOTOS)

A photo gallery of the arrival home from the US of 108 Persian epigraphs dug out decades ago in Chogha Mish Hills in southern Iran.
kitchen at the Saadabad Palace1

Saadabad Palace’s kitchen opens to public as a museum (PHOTOS)

Photos of the Royal Kitchen Museum at Saadabad complex in northern Tehran.
Historical house of Imam Khomeini

Historical house of Imam Khomeini in his hometown (PHOTOS)

A photo gallery that features the ancestral home of Founder of the Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini in his hometown in Markazi Province.
Ghasr Garden Museum

Ghasr Garden Museum (PHOTOS)

Ghasr Garden Museum has set out on a long journey, turning from a park to a mansion, a prison and finally a garden museum.
Book and Paper Conservation1

Book, Paper Conservation-Restoration Center at parliament’s library

A photo gallery that depicts efforts by Iranian experts to restore books and documents at the Book and Paper Conservation-Restoration Center of parliament’s library.
Portuguese Castle (2)

Centuries-old Portuguese Castle (PHOTOS)

As the Portuguese started to expand their naval fleet in the 16th century, they used the castle as a base to extend their influence in Iran and other Persian Gulf countries.

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