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Mideast’s First Mini-World Park under Construction in Iran

The construction of the Middle East’s first and world’s fourth mini-world park is underway in the western Iranian province of Hamadan.

Historical City of Yazd Inscribed as World Heritage Site

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has added the historical structure of Yazd in central Iran to its list of world heritage sites.
Los Angeles ‘Freedom’ Sculpture Inspired by Cyrus Cylinder

Los Angeles ‘Freedom’ Sculpture Inspired by Cyrus Cylinder

Inspired by the well-known Cyrus Cylinder, an Iranian-American artist has built a new public art installation, known as the Freedom Sculpture, which was unveiled in Los Angeles on Tuesday.
sabet pasal

Iran’s “Versailles Palace” Eventually Registered as National Heritage Site

Iran’s top cultural heritage body finally gave the green light for registration of the Sabet Pasal Mansion, commonly known as the Versailles Palace of Iran, as a National Heritage Site following a considerable controversy over the imminent destruction of the architectural masterpiece.

Zoroastrians Flock to Sacred Temple for Annual Pilgrimage

Each year from June 14–18, thousands of Zoroastrians from Iran, India and other countries flock to an ancient fire temple at Pir-e Sabz or Chak Chak village in central Iran.
sabet pasal

Iran’s Versailles Palace Saved from Demolition for Now

Sabet Pasal Mansion, which is commonly known as the Versailles Palace of Iran, is going to be inscribed as a National Heritage Site in an attempt to save it from demolition.

Golestan Palace in Tehran Showcases Its Antique Carpets

An exhibition of antique carpets and rugs belonging to the historical Golestan Palace in the Iranian capital is underway in the palace for the first time.
Ancient Artefacts, Antiquities Discovered in Northern Iran

Ancient Artefacts, Antiquities Discovered in Northern Iran  

An Iranian official announced that a number of antiquities and artefacts belonging to the Sassanid (224-651 AD) and Parthian (247 BC-224 AD) empires have been discovered and reclaimed in northern Iran in an anti-drug operation.

Louvre Museum to Bring Ancient Civilizations to Tehran

France’s Louvre Museum plans to hold an exhibition of its antiquities and artefacts titled “Louvre in Tehran” in the Iranian capital for the first time in its history, an Iranian cultural heritage official said.
5,000-Year-Old Skull Reveals Iran’s Medical Advances

“5,000-Year-Old Skull Reveals Iran’s Medical Advances”

The unearthing of a skull in an archaeological site known as Burnt City in southeastern Iran has changed the country’s medical history.

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