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Isfahan designated UNESCO Creative City of crafts and folk art

The designation comes after Isfahan was named a World Crafts City in September by the World Crafts Council.

Louvre director at Golestan Palace

The President of Paris' Louvre Museum, Jean-Luc Martinez, along with a delegation of artistic experts, has been visiting Tehran. During his trip, he has...
Telegraph House00

Old Telegraph House in southeastern Iran (PHOTOS)

The Telegraph House is the oldest modern building in Chabahar which was built by the British in 1864 to promote sailing and trade.

Iranian Researchers Decipher Cuneiform Inscription

The software’s developer, elaborated on the cuneiform dictionary, saying, “The software is able to decipher and provide translation for the inscriptions which date far back to Achaemenid era into four languages of Persian, Kurdish, English and Arabic.”
Omar Khayyam22

Tomb of Omar Khayyam (PHOTOS)

Snapshots of the tomb of Omar Khayyam, a famous Persian poet who was born and laid to rest in Neishabour.

Relics Extradited from Italy Exhibited in Iran’s National Museum

Iranian National Museum unveiled 30 Iranian relics which had been smuggled to Italy before being returned to Iran a few months ago.

Stained-Glass Museum in Tehran

A museum displaying stained-glass windows has been set up in a historical house in Tehran on Sa’adi Street.
Palmyra-Khaled Asaad

Society for Iranian Archeology denounces murder of Syrian archeologist

The Society for Iranian Archeology has expressed its deep sorrow for the loss of Khaled Asaad, a guardian of the common heritage of mankind.
Iran classic cars

Iran’s classic cars receive registration documents

A considerable number of the country's 15,000 classic cars have either been scrapped or taken out of the country.

Opening Ceremony of OIC Youth Capital Held in Iran’s Shiraz

Iran’s Shiraz, the Youth Capital of OIC, hosted the opening ceremony of the “Shiraz - OIC Youth Capital 2017”, an important international programme serving development and unity of youth of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) geography.

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