Abadan Oil Refinery’s Role in Iran History

When the Anglo-Persian Oil Company purchased a parcel of land from Sheikh Khazal to build the most important oil refinery in the world, it...

Naraq, attractive historical city in Markazi Province

Located in the central district of Delijan County, Markazi Province, Naraq is considered as the second unique city in terms of its architecture and urban construction.

Polo Nominated for UNESCO Cultural Heritage Status

Polo was invented and first played in Iran thousands of years ago. The original name of polo was Chogan which is a team sport...

Millennium-old Tis Mosque in southeastern Iran (PHOTOS)

The interior of this mosque which was built 1,000 years ago is similar to Pakistani and Indian mosques.

Iranian architecture makes a splash

Magnificent images of historic Iranian architecture shot by foreign photographers visiting Iran

Frye : “They are very hospitable people. I love them very much,”

American scholar of Iranian and Central Asian studies, professor Richard Nelson Frye has passed away at the age of 94.

Fahraj Mosque in central Iran (PHOTOS)

Photos of a 14-century-old mosque in Yazd Province.

Afif-Abad Garden in southern Iran (PHOTOS)

The garden once served as a quiet retreat for Safavid kings.

Salehieh Seminary School (PHOTOS)

Salehieh Seminary School was a major philosophy center for Shiite Muslims in the 19th century.

Biglar Beigi Tekyeh (PHOTOS)

A massive mirror hall on the western flank of the yard is graced with remarkable interior designs and a lot of inscriptions.

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