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Maragheh Temple0

Maragheh Temple in northwestern Iran (PHOTOS)

The temple which dates back to the Parthian era was the largest Zoroastrian place of worship during that period.

First Traditional Textile Village in Iran (PHOTOS)

Rouyin is an Iranian village which hosts a complete traditional textile industry, employing more than 300 weaving machines. The village has recently been registered...

Salehieh Seminary School (PHOTOS)

Salehieh Seminary School was a major philosophy center for Shiite Muslims in the 19th century.
burnt city

Imprinted leather, one of the latest findings in the Burnt City

If future excavations confirm the assumptions of archeologists, the theory about the shrinking and final annihilation of the Burnt City should be fully revised.

Iran Commemorates World Day for Cultural Diversity

In a ceremony held in Tehran’s historical Niavaran Palace on Wednesday, Iran celebrated the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, which is annually marked on May 21.
Fathabad Garden0

Fathabad Garden in southern Iran (PHOTOS)

After Government of Prudence and Hope took office, the garden was restored.
Persian Qanats

Persian Qanats: Iran’s Latest Inscription on World Heritage List

The World Heritage Committee of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), in its 40th session since July 10 in Turkey, inscribed...
Armenia Loans out Its Ancient Relics to Iran

Armenia Loans out Its Ancient Relics to Iran

Director General of the National Museum of Iran says 103 objects from the collection of works of ancient Armenian culture and civilization have arrived in Iran based on an agreement between the two countries to host a joint exhibition in Iran.
Asef Mansion6

Asef Mansion, Sanandaj Museum (PHOTOS)

The museum is a manifestation of Kurdish identity in western Iran and home to a rich anthropological treasure trove.
Old minaret0

Old minaret along Silk Road (PHOTOS)

The structure which is 38 meters in height dates back to the Seljuq era.

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