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Iran and Italy sign MOU on archeology

Iran and Italy sign a deal to establish closer archeological cooperation.
Fathabad Garden0

Fathabad Garden in southern Iran (PHOTOS)

After Government of Prudence and Hope took office, the garden was restored.
old stone house00

Millennia-old stone houses near Tehran (PHOTOS)

The houses which are carved into rocks date back to the pre-Islamic era.
Iran heritage Shush UNESCO

Shush: Major Iranian option for 2014 global registration

Iranian ancient city of Shush is slated to be offered to the UNESCO for a possible inscription on the World Heritage list of the organization.

Lisar Castle in northern Iran

Images of Lisar Castle is in the northern Iranian province of Gilan.
Masoumeh Ebtekar

Environment chief: Iran wins legal battle against US

The number of Maragheh Fossils is 3,000, of which 1,500 fossils were sent to US for research, the environment chief said.

Iran reclaims ancient fossils from US

A ceremony was held to unveil 1,351 ancient fossils which were takento the US 40 years ago for research studies.    

German Artist Displays Hafez-Inspired Paintings in Shiraz

German artist Günther Uecker has opened an exhibition of his paintings in Iran’s southern city of Shiraz, all inspired by the sonnets of great Iranian poet, Hafez.
Iran-Tehran Freedom Tower

Campaign to Save Freedom Tower Launched

Cultural heritage advocates launch a campaign to save Tehran’s Freedom Tower.

Iran’s first shoe museum opens in Tabriz

The museum displays 200 valuable pairs of shoes from different historical eras and ethnic groups.

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