Tehran to Host Iran-Italy Joint Orchestra Performance

Tehran to Host Iran-Italy Joint Orchestra Performance

Iranian capital, Tehran, is set to host a joint performance of Italian Ravenna festival and Tehran symphony orchestra.
Cafe-Tehran (26)

Blues Coffee Shop, Hangout for Iranian Cruiser Motorcyclists

A two-year-old coffee shop in the Iranian capital named ‘Blues Coffee Shop’ hosts the cruiser motorcyclists who are interested in the Blues.
Hossein Alizadeh

Iranian Maestro Hossein Alizadeh Wins Asia World Music Award

Celebrated musician Hossein Alizadeh was named the recipient of the second Asian world music award on Friday in South Korea.
Concerts to Be Held Aboard Cruise Ships in Southern Iran

Concerts to Be Held Aboard Cruise Ships in Southern Iran

Barring administrative hiccups, Bushehr is on course to becoming the first province to hold concerts aboard cruise ships.
Osman Mohammadparast

Iranian Maestro Who Learned to Play without Teacher

A veteran Iranian musician speaks of his deep love for music and how he learned to play the dotar without having a teacher.
Tehran Hosts 'Iran-Sweden Journey of Singing'

Tehran Hosts ‘Iran-Sweden Journey of Singing’

Tehran is hosting a musical performance of Swedish and European music on Saturday that will be performed by the Chamber Choir of the School of Music in Pitea.

Iranian Maestro Kalhor on Grammy-Winning Ensemble

The international Silk Road Ensemble, which enlists the virtuosity of a world-renowned Iranian traditional music maestro among other greats, has been conferred with the title for Best World Music Album at this year’s Grammy Awards.

Japanese Maestro Sends Condolences over Death of Iranians in Plasco Incident

Well-known Japanese musician Kitaro has offered his condolences to the people of Iran on the Plasco Building tragedy.

“American Dream” Is Merely a Dream: Iranian Artist

A well-known Iranian pop singer has protested against Trump’s racist decisions, particularly his executive order that bans the citizens of several Muslim countries, including Iran, from entering the US.

I Won’t Exchange My Instrument for Entire France: Iranian Musician

Pahlevan Zangshahi, a veteran Iranian musician, says he has refused a tempting offer by France to give up his ancient musical instrument Qeychak.

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