Mr. Sama Stages Concert in Tehran

"Mr. Sama ensemble" directed by Amirhossein Hosseinnia and accompanied by a group of Sama performers from Konya and Morocco staged a concert at Tehran's...

Turkish Singer Ebru Files for Divorce from Iranian-Turkish Businessman Zarrab

Turkish singer Ebru Gündeş has filed for divorce from the Iranian-born Turkish businessman Reza Zarrab, who was recently arrested in the US city of...

Iranian Artist Combines Painting with Music

An Iranian artist has combined painting with music, allowing viewers to play some music while watching the artworks.

Online Concert to Be Held in Praise of Iran’s First Female Olympic Medallist

A big concert is planned to be held upon the arrival of Iran’s Olympic team in a move to praise the medal won by Kimia Alizadeh, the first woman and the youngest Iranian medallist in the history of Olympic Games.

Iranian World Heritage Site to Host World-Class Concerts

Iranian ensembles the Kamkars and Shams, the pianist Shahrdad Rohani, and Spanish Flamenco guitarist Antonio Rey are scheduled to give concerts at Bisotun, a...

Iranians to Enjoy Summer Time with New Concerts

Concert halls in Tehran and several other Iranian cities will be brightened up over the coming days by live performances from various musicians, including Alireza Qorbani, Salar Aqili, Mohsen Yeganeh and Lily Afshar.

Initiative to Help Street Children

In a philanthropic gesture, local musician Pouriya Heydari has initiated a project to help alleviate the plight of child street workers.

‘Bagshy’ Turkmen Musicians

Baghshy are traditional musicians in the north-east of Iran who have helped classical Turkmen music to survive to this day. Their mystical music, stemming...

Iranian Singer Habib Mohebian Passes Away

Iranian vocalist Habib Mohebian, popularly known as Habib, died on Friday June 10 at the age of 63.

Tehran Symphony Orchestra

Tehran Symphony Orchestra, as seen in this June 6 concert, were led by new conductor Shahrdad Rouhani. They performed Sergei Rachmaninov’s 2nd Piano Concerto,...

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