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Young Iranian director to judge US event

Young Iranian animation director Mona Abdollah-Shahi has been selected as one of the jurors of the Northwest Animation Festival in the US.

African- American stars boycott Oscar in protest against racial discrimination

Following the publication of list of the Oscar Award nominees, a number of African –American stars boycotted the academy Award attendance to express their dissatisfaction for absence of diversity of nominees.

Praguians give standing ovation to ‘Risk of Acid Rain’

Behtash Sanaiha’s ‘Risk of Acid Rain’ has won the audience award during its participation in Prague Film Festival.

6 Iranian films vying in 14th Pune Intl. filmfest.

Six Iranian films are participating in the 14th edition of Pune International Film Festival (PIFF), India, from 14-21 Jan, 2016.

Majidi’s ‘Muhammad’ to represent Iran at the Oscars

The movie is aimed at removing the violent image of Islam created by terrorist groups, Majid Majidi said.
muhammad Movie

Muhammad, in the eyes of two world-famous cinema figures

Majid Majidi’s movie on the life of the Prophet Muhammad has been acclaimed by cinematic and non-cinematic figures.
Muhammad Movie

Director of The Godfather praises Muhammad, the Messenger of God

Muhammad, the Messenger of God has been given a warm welcome at home and abroad, with the creator of The Godfather hailing the movie on the life of the Muslim prophet.
Ali Molla-Gholipour

Film director arrested in all-star match (PHOTO)

An Iranian director who was protesting against the screening of a movie in theaters where his film was to be screened was arrested and later released during a charity match between Iran’s stars and those of the world.
Majid Majidi

Islam religion of peace, friendship: Majidi

Iranian director Majid Majidi has said that Muhammad aims to correct misconceptions about Islam in the world.

New Movie Mocks Anti-Iran Films

Several other infamous individuals including Netanyahu, Ariel Sharon and Osama bin Laden are also depicted in the film.

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