With its rich literary tradition, including luminaries such as Rumi, Omar Khayyam, Hafez and Ferdowsi, the written and spoken word remains an endless source of inspiration and discovery in today’s Iran.

World’s Prominent Painters Come Together in ‘Garden of Luminaries’

World’s Prominent Painters Come Together in ‘Garden of Luminaries’

Iran’s Aradman Publications has published a book titled “The Garden of Luminaries” which provides the readers with a different outlook on the patterns of diverse painting schools and styles of the world’s prominent painters.
136 Foreign Publishersto Attend Tehran Int’lBook Fair

136 Foreign Publishers to Attend Tehran Int’l Book Fair

Italy will be the special guest of the 30th Tehran International Book Fair which is scheduled to be held from May 3 to 13 and will be attended by 136 foreign publishers.
Bologna Children’s Book Fair

4 Iranian Works Included in Bologna Children’s Book Fair Catalogue

Works by four Iranian illustrators have been included in the catalogue of this year’s Bologna Children’s Book Fair, the biggest international trade show and book fair dedicated to children’s books, currently underway in Italy.

Iran, China to Develop Cultural Cooperation

As parts of efforts to promote Tehran-Beijing cultural relations, Iran has been selected as the special guest of Beijing International Book Fair, which will be held in the Chinese capital from August 23 to 27.
Iran FM Unveils His Book on Int’l Relations in Post-Western World

Iran FM Unveils His Book on Int’l Relations in Post-Western World

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif unveiled a new book he co-authored on international relations in the post-Western world.
Persian Domes

French Book Portrays Persian Domes

A book on Iranian art and architecture, titled 'Les Coupoles Persanes', (in English 'Persian Cupolas: the Art of Skies and the Earth'), has been published in France.

Iranian Book Offers Unconventional Way to Present God to Children

A book has been published in Iran to introduce God to Iranian children in the best way possible out of the common conventional approaches.
Burnik Cave

Tehran’s Longest Cave in Austria Caving Guidebook

An Austrian caver has published the map of Burnik, the longest cave of Tehran, in an Austrian caving guidebook.

Overdue Book Returned to San Francisco Library after 100 Years

A long lost library book, ironically titled Forty Minutes Late, finally made its way back to its rightful home after a century.

Tour of Tehran Rewarded to Book Donors

People who donate books to a library near Tehran will receive a free ticket for a tour of the Iranian capital.

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