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Iran Gives 5 European States Ultimatum over Plane Purchase Contracts

Iran has issued ultimatums to five European states to stick to their commitments under the contracts earlier signed on selling airplanes to Tehran, otherwise the country may revise its deals.

Iran Deal Allows for Sales of Passenger Planes: Kirby

The spokesman of the US State Department says that Iran’s historic nuclear agreement with the permanent UN Security Council members plus Germany (P5+1) allows Western jet manufacturers to trade with Tehran.
Iran Planning to Promote Citizens’ Use of Bicycle

Iran Planning to Promote Citizens’ Use of Bicycle

Despite efforts by Iran’s Department of Environment (DoE) and anti-air pollution campaigns, the use of bicycles has failed to gain widespread popularity across the country. However, the public’s positive reaction to a recently launched challenge has raised hopes to this end.

Iranian Airlines Sign Deal to Buy 40 Russian Planes

Two Iranian airlines have signed separate Memorandums of Understanding with Russia’s major aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi to purchase 40 Sukhoi Superjet 100 passenger planes.

Iran to Spend Over $260m on Renewing Airport Equipment

An Iranian official announced that more than $260m will be spent within the next five years to renovate and upgrade airport radar equipment across Iran.
Iran to Send Black Box of Crashed ATR Plane to France

Iran to Send Black Box of Crashed ATR Plane to France

The flight recorder of an ATR 72 plane that recently crashed into a mountaintop in southwest Iran, killing all 65 people on board, is slated to be sent to France to be decoded, a lawmaker said.
Iran Can Link Europe to Indian Ocean

Iran Can Link Europe to Indian Ocean, East Asia: Rouhani

Iranian President highlighted the opportunities for enhanced cooperation between Iran and Europe, particularly Luxembourg, and stressed that Tehran can link Europe to the Indian...

Boeing gets Ok to study Iran market

Boeing said Friday it received the green light from the Obama administration to study the commercial airplane market in Iran as it eyes opportunity following the lifting of nuclear sanctions against the country.
Iran-Kyrgyzstan flight

Envoy Calls for Resumption of Direct Bishkek-Mashhad Flights

"There is no obstacle to the development of mutual cooperation between Iran and Kyrgyzstan," President Rouhani said in a meeting with Kyrgyzstan's ambassador to Tehran.

France’s ADPI to invest in Iran airport projects

France’s ADPI Group is in talks with Iranian officials over the expansion of Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport as well as the development of Mashhad and Shiraz airports, said a CAO official.

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