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Martin Schaefer

Berlin after energy deals with Tehran: Official

The German foreign ministry spokesman has said a final nuclear deal between Iran and P5+1would help set the stage for energy cooperation between Tehran and Berlin.

Italy’s giant energy company ‘Eni’ eyes role in Iran

Officials from Eni conducted negotiations with the Iranian oil minister a few days ago on development of Iran’s joint fields, said Abdolreza Haji Hosseininejad.
Mehdi Sanayee

Iran, Russia start using national currencies in banking transactions

The opening of a joint Iran-Russia bank account, presence of Russian banks in Iran and choosing a Russian bank for rial-based trade exchanges in Russia are some of the measures underway.

Peugeot to sign new contract with Iran Khodro

European manufacturers aim to return to the country if sanctions are eased under a proposed nuclear pact.

Supreme Leader: Domestic production key to solving economic woes

The Islamic Revolution leader has said that the country needs to rely on its domestic production if it wants to see its economic problems solved.

Iran breaks US monopoly in production of industrial lubricant

Iran has broken the US monopoly in production of an industrial lubricant, which is a strategic oil product, says an oil expert.

Iran, Russia ditch dollar, trade in ruble

Iran and Russia have started to use a mechanism which helps them ditch dollar and trade in ruble.

Iran’s dependence on oil hitting record low: Rouhani

President Rouhani has said that Iranians are equal before the law, adding all people, foreign tourists included, are protected by police and the law.
Valiollah Seif

Iran sees growth even under sanctions

The governor of Iran's Central Bank has said that Iran’s economy is “on the right track”.

Iran welcomes promotion of ties with Japan: Rouhani

The Iranian president has said in a meeting with the Japanese premier that poverty and lack of development are the key roots of terrorism in the region.

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