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Cars import

Iran car imports down 51%

In total, 10,555 cars were imported in the first three months of the current year.

AIIB discourages poverty, promotes peace, stability: Economy chief

Tayyebnia said the important role of Asian states in global economy and impact of the bank on infrastructural development is evident.

Laylaz: Iran’s economy is not sanctionable (PART ONE)

Saeed Laylaz, an Iranian economist, says that mismanagement of the previous government has caused the country more losses than sanctions.
Hormuz Strait

Iran building major port near Hormuz Strait

A multi-purpose port Iran is building near the Strait of Hormuz has absorbed 700 million euros in foreign investment. Officials say the new port can turn into one of the biggest and most discussed international ports in the world.
Ali Tayyebnia

AIIB can be instrumental in Asian development projects: Economy minister

Iran's membership of the bank is in line with measures to realize the principles of the resistance-based economy, Minister of Economy and Financial Affairs Ali Tayyebnia said.

Iran buys ‘most advanced’ oil vessel

An Iranian energy official has said as many as 30 European and Asian companies have held talks with Iran in recent months to invest in the country’s oil and gas projects.

Minister hold negotiations with passenger plane manufacturer

Abbas Akhundi said that due to sanctions during the past decades Iran has just managed to buy second-hand planes, noting the renovation of the national air fleet is an absolute necessity.

“Imposing pressure on negotiators unwise; people need peace of mind”

President Rouhani’s Chief of staff has said that the Iranian nation needs peace of mind and a thriving economy in which business will yield benefits.
Silk Road railway

First Silk Road rail cargo enters Iran

The first cargo, including 45 freight wagons, carried on the Silk Road railway has crossed the Incha-Burun border with Turkmenistan into Iran.

Iran needs 400 passenger planes in next 10 years: Minister

The minister of roads and urbanization says Iran attaches special importance to development of its civil aviation fleet and that of airports and passenger terminals.

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