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No More Barrier to Trade with Iran in Euros: Diplomat

A ranking Iranian diplomat said there are no more limits on the country’s financial transactions with foreign banks in euros, a clear sign of which was India’s recent move to clear part of its debts to Iran in euros through a Turkish bank.

US Must Do More on Nuclear Deal: Iran

Iran says the US must do more to encourage banks into doing business with the Islamic Republic following the lifting of sanctions.

Iran’s President Forms Committee to Reclaim Money Seized by US

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has set up a committee to find a way to restore the Central Bank of Iran’s assets, seized by Washington according to a US court order, an Iranian diplomat announced.

New chapter in Iran-Turkey banking relations

A senior banking official said Tehran and Ankara will open new chapters in their banking relations.
Iran to Join FATF

Washington’s Anti-Iran Efforts Are Because US Doesn’t See Itself Beneficiary

Iran says efforts by countries to expand post-sanctions trade ties with it are being hampered by the United States because Washington does not see itself as a beneficiary of the re-opening of the Iranian business environment.

Inflation Rate in Iran Down to Less than 10%

Spokesman for the Iranian Administration Mohammad Baqer Nobakht announced on Tuesday, June 21, that the country’s annual inflation rate has fallen below 10% for the first time in several years.

‘Japanese banks eyeing foothold in Iran’

A senior Japanese official has called for more opportunities for his country’s banks to increase their cooperation with Iranian financial institutes.

UK Lifts Sanctions on Key Iranian Bank

The British government has announced that it has removed Bank Saderat Iran (BSI) from its list of sanctioned entities.

Pasargad wants to become ‘global bank’

Pasargad Financial Group, which owns Iran's second largest bank, is considering selling its shares in energy entities in a sign of improving business environment.

$2.5bn Foreign Direct Investment in Iran in Last Month

An official said foreigners have made $2.5 billion of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Iran in the current Iranian month (started May 21).

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