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Japan, Germany seek long-term economic, industrial cooperation with Iran

The Japanese and German economic teams in Tehran have said that they can help Iran revamp its automotive industry and develop its agriculture and food industries.
hybrid car_0401

Fuel cell electric vehicle unveiled at university in Tehran (PHOTOS)

The main advantage of the car is that it emits water rather than fumes and thus helps ease air pollution.

Iranian researchers crafting driverless cars ‘gradually morphing into robots’

An automated car will temporarily take over from a distracted driver, and pull over and park or head home if someone is unfit to drive, the researcher working on the project predicted.

Iran’s food industries waiting for investment to enter international markets

Since the Iranian food industry is operating at 40 percent of its full capacity, plans to boost food exports seem to be necessary.
Iran Windmills

Windmills, an original Iranian experience in construction of industrial structures

The widespread availability of wind has made it possible for all to use windmills.

Italy to broaden cooperation on auto industry with Iran

Italy was Iran's traditional trade partner, but today we seek to play an extensive active role in various fields, the Italian minister said.

Volkswagen on course to replace Peugeot in Iranian market

Iran Khodro has reached the conclusion that in the current conditions, Volkswagen is a better choice for partner and can better help promote the Iranian automotive industry.

Iran’s annual gold production to hit 7 tonnes

Iran’s gold output is estimated to rise to 7 metric tons by 2017 which could significantly improve the country’s place among the world’s producers of the precious metal.

Iran, Tajikistan sign MoU to complete Anzob tunnel

Iran and Tajikistan have inked a deal to complete the Anzob tunnel, which connects the Tajik capital to the country's second largest city Khujand and is a transit route between Dushanbe and Tashkent.

Iran, Pakistan launch joint fiber optic project

The network is aimed at expanding the bandwidth of Pakistan and international information transit.

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