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In a country with a range of different climates, soil types and landscapes, food, water and livestock remain important issues, especially with the world’s environment changing. All coverage about farming and related concerns is in this section.

Iran, World’s Eighth Producer of Cocoons, Silk Thread

Iran, World’s Eighth Producer of Cocoons, Silk Thread

Iran ranks eighth in the world in terms of producing cocoons and silk thread, a top Iranian official says.

Yemen’s Locusts En Route to Iran: Official Warning

Yemeni insect control experts and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) have recently warned that the outbreak of locusts in the Arab country might reach neighbouring states, including Iran.

Iran’s Saffron Fuelling Growth of German Food Business

While Iran produces about 90 percent of the world's saffron, small German companies are growing by importing Iran’s saffron and exporting it as luxury goods to Persian Gulf littoral states.[:es]Mientras que Irán produce alrededor del 90% del azafrán del mundo, las microempresas alemanas están creciendo mediante la importación del azafrán iraní y exportandolo como bienes de lujo a los estados litorales del Golfo Pérsico.

Iran’s West Azarbaijan Province Exports 20 Tonnes of Grapes

About 20 tonnes of grapes harvested in the Iranian province of West Azarbaijan have been exported abroad, said a local agriculture official.
Iran fishery industry

French Fishery Companies in Iran for Investment: Envoy

France’s Ambassador to Tehran François Sénémaud said 16 companies from his country have come to Iran to consider opportunities for investment in Iranian fishery industry.

Iran Exports $15m Saffron in 1 Month

An official said Iran exported more than 10 tons of saffron, worth $15m dollars, in the first month of the current Iranian year (March 20-April 19, 2016).
Pomegranate Harvest

Pomegranate Harvest in Iranian Village of ‘Red Rubies’[:es]Cosecha de “rubíes rojos” en los pueblos...

Fars News has published photos of the farmers in a village in Western Iran who have started harvesting pomegranate.[:es]Inicia la cosecha de granada en los pueblos iraníes.
Mini-Tractor -Gardening

Iran Develops Versatile Mini-Tractor for Gardening

Iranian researchers has developed a versatile-mini tractor capable of being used on different types of land.

World’s Most Expensive Dates Come to Fruition in Iran[:es]Los dátiles más caros del mundo...

An Iranian cultural official announced that medjool date, world’s first commercial cultivar, has come to fruition in Iran. [:es] Un funcionario del departamento de cultura iraní anunció la llegada de los dátiles medjool, la primera variedad comercial del mundo, ha llegado a buen término en Irán.

Iranian, Chinese Firms Sign MoU on Agricultural Cooperation

A major Chinese agricultural firm has penned a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with a leading Iranian engineering company in a bid to boost cooperation between the two countries in the field of agriculture, a report said.

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