[:en]In a country with a range of different climates, soil types and landscapes, food, water and livestock remain important issues, especially with the world’s environment changing. All coverage about farming and related concerns is in this section.[:]

World’s Most Expensive Dates Come to Fruition in Iran

An Iranian cultural official announced that medjool date, world’s first commercial cultivar, has come to fruition in Iran.

Iran’s Exports of Medicinal Herbs at $300m

Iran says it has exported above $300 million worth of medicinal herbs since January.

Iran, FAO Sign Deal to Cooperate on Aquatic Genetic Resources

Iran’s Fisheries Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) inked an agreement Wednesday to improve genetic resources of Rainbow Trout fish in the Islamic Republic.

Barberry Harvest in South Khorasan Province

Farmers in Iran’s eastern province of South Khorasan have started harvesting barberry.

Int’l Poultry and Livestock Exhibition Kicks Off in Tehran

The 15th International Exhibition of Poultry, Livestock, Dairy and Related Industries (Iran Plex 2016) has started in Tehran.

Traditional Non-Mechanized Agriculture in Iran’s Fars Province

In spite of major advancements in Iran's agriculture industry, many farmers are still using non-mechanized and traditional methods.

Pomegranate Harvest in Iranian Village of ‘Red Rubies’

Fars News has published photos of the farmers in a village in Western Iran who have started harvesting pomegranate.

Iran’s Saffron Fuelling Growth of German Food Business

While Iran produces about 90 percent of the world's saffron, small German companies are growing by importing Iran’s saffron and exporting it as luxury goods to Persian Gulf littoral states.

Seasonal Flower Festival Underway in Tehran

A seasonal flower festival was kicked off on Tuesday, September 27, in Iran's capital city of Tehran. Being held in Goftegoo Park, the festival...

Anti-GMO Voices Suddenly Grow in Iran

Iran is seeing its most vociferous outcry yet over the use of genetically-modified ingredients in food production.

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