Michel Setboun

Michel Setboun, from war to arts

Famous French photojournalist, Michel Setboun, answers questions about his career and Iran.
Abbas Salimi Namin

US should come forward first for ties with Iran: Journalist

A political analyst says for Iran-US ties to resume, Washington should take the first step.
Gareth Porter

I am extremely proud to have my book published in Iran

Gareth Porter, the award-winning American historian, says he is extremely proud to have his book published in Iran.
Ali Majedi-Iran's ambassador to Germany

Appointment of Iran’s new ambassador to Berlin signals a clear message to Washington

Appointment of a new ambassador to Berlin signifies that Europe can be more active in Iran's interactions with the rest of the world.
Francois Niccolo

There will be either two winners or two losers

Francois Nicolo, a veteran French politician, weighs in on Iran’s nuclear talks with world powers.
Mohammad Qaed

We can’t help but look at the past through a modern prism

A veteran translator and journalist shares his thoughts on history and how the past should be viewed.
Hamidreza Asefi

Those who favor negotiations have wrongly raised public expectations

A former Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman weighs in on nuclear talks between Iran and P5+1, Iran-US ties, and regional developments.
Nouri Al-Maliki

Iranian political experts praise Nouri al-Maliki’s decision

Political experts size up the latest developments in Iraq after Nouri al-Maliki stepped down in favor of his fellow party member, Haider al-Abadi.
Hossein Nasr

World witnessing collapse of Western civilization: Hossein Nasr

An Iranian professor at Greorge Washington University says Western civilization is on the decline.
Parental Girl upbringing

Parental treatment of girls, Do’s and Don’ts

A look at how girls should be treated to become perfect mothers of the future.

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