Hashemi-Malik Abdollah

Iran and Saudi Arabia; will protocols lose their significance again?

The Expediency Council chairman says the issues between Iran and Saudi Arabia should be addressed and the two countries should return to where they were.
Ali Tayyebnia

Time is perfect to cut dependence on oil: Economy minister

Dr. Ali Tayyebnia said the present juncture offers the best opportunity to reform the economy and cut dependence on oil.
Hamid Karzai

US and Pakistan hold the key to Afghan peace: Former president

Etemad daily has conducted an interview with former Afghan President Hamid Karzai about his years in office and the government that has replaced his.
Valeh Education Institute

Today’s teens, tomorrow’s scientists

Two successful teenagers stress motivation and perseverance for students if they seek to walk down the path of science.
Masoumeh Ebtekar

Ebtekar reacts to firestorm following dust storm

Iran's Environment chief has said that those MPs criticizing her agency for failure to tackle the dust storms are the very ones who eliminated the money allocated to the problem from the budget.
Siroos Naseri

We are close to a nuclear deal: Former Iranian negotiator

There has been general concern that after a deal on general outlines, talks about the details could run into trouble, setting the stage for the other side to take advantage of it, Sirous Nasseri said.
Hamid Gol

US has not killed Bin Laden: Former Pakistani spymaster

A former Pakistan general says the US has not killed Bin Laden; rather the terror mastermind has died of natural causes.

Leader’s call for a one-stage deal is meant to prop up the talks: Former...

Hossein Mousavian said the Supreme Leader's instructions are meant to boost the likelihood of a sustainable deal at nuclear talks with P5+1.
Mohammad Javad-Larijani

Supreme Leader’s message is catching on with the youth

The secretary of Iran’s Human Rights Council has said for the first time since the revolution that we use simple language to develop mutual understanding with the world.
Saudi King

Transfer of power to 3rd generation is Saudi Arabia’s main challenge

An expert in Saudi affairs has said that a bleak future lies ahead for Saudi Arabia and Iran-Saudi relations are not expected to take a positive turn soon.

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