US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt Were Plotters of Turkey Coup

An Iranian adviser believes that Turkey’s army had received the green light from the US, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, or else they wouldn’t dare to stage the amateurish coup in Turkey.

US Has Not Done Its Best in Implementation of Nuclear Deal: Zarif

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif criticized the US over its failure to carry out its commitments as per the last year’s nuclear deal in the best way possible.

Analyst: “US Recognizing Iran as a Legitimate Power”

“Iran is the only power that can provide the Iraqi people with brotherly camaraderie,” Scott Bennett, a former US Army psychological warfare officer, says.

In Case of a War on Iran, Saudis Won’t Survive More than a Few...

Saudis know that they cannot survive more than a few days under the heavy fire of of agile Iranian fighters equipped with modern weapons, a former Iranian military attaché to Riyadh warned in reaction to a Saudi colonel’s plan for attack on Iran.

Iran’s SCO Inclusion to Bolster Strategic Ties: Russian Professor

Iran's membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is going to improve strategic ties between Tehran and Moscow, says an associate member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Indian Journalist: Iran’s SCO Membership Will Enhance Regional Security

A senior Indian journalist believes that Iran’s full membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) will enhance the security and stability in the region.

Rouhani Has Enough Votes to Be Re-Elected Next Year: Politician

Seyyed Mohammad Gharazi, a former oil and post minister and one of the candidates who competed with Hassan Rouhani in the 2013 presidential elections, believes that President Rouhani has managed to restore calm to the society in the past three years, and will have enough votes to be re-elected in next year’s presidential elections.

Chabahar Deal an Opportunity for Whole Region: Pak MP

The Chairman of the Pakistan National Assembly Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs believes that the Chabahar deal signed between Iran, India and Afghanistan, if looked at positively, will be an opportunity for the whole region.

Terrorism Caused by West’s Actions: Mahathir

In a recent interview with TIME, former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad discussed the West’s role in the spread of terrorism across the Middle East as well as the possibility of ISIS’s emergence in East Asia, particularly Malasyia.

Pakistan Ex-Minister: Iran a time-tested friend

Pakistan’s former information minister and senior opposition leader strongly believes that Iran is a time-tested, stable and reliable neighbour and friend of Pakistan.

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