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Saudis Asked Syria to Cut Ties with Iran If It Wants Riyadh’s Support: Assad

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says Saudi Arabia was prepared to back Syria if it broke all relations with Iran.
Arba'een Walk (62)

Iraq Visa for Arbaeen Processions to Be Issued in 16 Iranian Provinces[:es]Irak tramitará visados...

An Iranian official announced that Arbaeen pilgrims can obtain the entry visa to Iraq in sixteen provinces.[:es]Hamid Mohammadi, Jefe adjunto de la Organización Jajj y la Organización de Asuntos a los Peregrinos, anunció que los penitentes iraníes pueden obtener visado para su entrada a Irak el Arbaeen [el día 40 después del martirio del imán Hussein] en dieciséis provincias a partir del sábado, 15 de octubre.
Mohammad Javad Zarif

Iranian FM to Attend Syria Talks in Lausanne

Despite earlier reports, Iran has announced that it will send its foreign minister to the upcoming talks in Lausanne on the Syrian crisis.
Ibis Hotel in Tehran

Giant French Company to Build 100 Hotels in Iran[:es] Macro empresa francesa planea construir...

The giant French hotel operator Accor Hotels follows a special mission in Iran and plans to implement several projects around the country within the next 10 years.
Blood Donation

Blood Donation instead of Self-Flagellation in Ashura Mourning

Instead of self-flagellation, which has tainted the image of Islam in non-Muslims' view, Iranians donate their blood as religious vow during the mourning days of Muharram.

US and Saudi Arabia Agree on Allowing ISIS Fighters to Escape Mosul

Based on a deal with Washington, Saudi forces will allow ISIS terrorists to safely retreat from Mosul before the Iraqi city is stormed by US-backed forces, a military source has revealed.

Iranian People Light Candles to Mourn for Imam Hussein’s Martyrdom

On the 10th day of first Islamic month, Muharram, which is known as Ashura, people in Iran and other parts of the world mourn...
Iran Security Forces

Iran Foils Plot by Takfiri Terrorists in Fars Province

Takfiri terrorists seem to be extending the scope of their operations into the central parts of Iran. In the most recent operation, which was foiled by Iranian security forces, they have been trying to infiltrate into Fars Province.

Condolence Theatre in Commemoration of Imam Hussein[:es]Teatro público en conmemoración de Imam Hussein (P)

During the early days of the Islamic month of Muharram, Iranian people mourn for Imam Hussein's martyrdom in different ways. Ta'zieh is one of...

Saudi King Salman Calls Off Royal Family’s Financial Grants

Sources say the Saudi King is cancelling Saudi princes’ financial grants and cutting their salaries as part of the country’s austerity plans.

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