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Myanmar’s Crackdown on Rohingya Turning into Ethnic Cleansing

Myanmar’s Crackdown on Rohingya Turning into Ethnic Cleansing

A political commentator says the Myanmar government is conducting organized ethnic cleansing against Rohingya Muslims in the country.

Iranian Users Become Voice of Voiceless Myanmar Muslims

As international human rights have remained silent over the Myanmar government’s slaughter of Rohingya Muslims, Iranian social media users have stepped into the fray and become the voice of the voiceless.
Hezbollah Chief Praises Lebanese PM in Unprecedented Remarks

Hezbollah Chief Praises Lebanese PM in Unprecedented Remarks

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary-General of the Lebanese Hezbollah Resistance Movement, in rare comments lauded the positive role of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri in the recent victories over ISIS terrorists.

Absolute Military Power No Longer A Decisive Factor: Iran FM

Iran’s foreign minister says absolute military power is no longer a determining factor in today’s world, and there are other instruments of power with which national interests can be secured.
General Soleimani-2

‘Mosques Should Unite People from All Walks of Life’

Major General Qassem Soleimani, the commander of IRGC Quds Force, says mosques are instrumental in safeguarding the society and should serve to bring people from all walks of life closer together.

Almost All Ministers Proposed by Rouhani Receive Vote of Confidence

Iranian lawmakers on Sunday gave vote of confidence to 16 ministerial nominees proposed by President Hasan Rouhani, but did not vote for his power minister Habibollah Bitaraf.

World Deadly Silent on 21st Century’s Holocaust in Afghanistan

The international community, particularly the so-called advocates of human rights, have remained deadly silent on the recent genocide of Shiite people in Afghanistan’s Sar-e Pol province.
Iran's Foreign Ministry

Structural Changes in Iran Foreign Ministry; Speculations, Implications

A few days after President Hassan Rouhani’s second term officially began, media reports are saying the Iranian foreign ministry will undergo major structural changes in Rouhani’s new administration, mainly with the aim of strengthening its role in Iran’s economic diplomacy.

Iran Holds Exciting Food Tours for Foreign Tourists

Foreign tourists usually visit Iran for its historical attractions; however, now that the country is being listed among the world’s top tourist destinations, two Iranian women are organizing tours of Iranian cuisine to make foreigners more familiar with Iranian foods and eating traditions.
Arvand Rud

Iran’s Arvand River Key to Iraq’s Integrity

Iraq’s ongoing negotiations with Iran over the Arvand Rud, the river that serves as part of the natural border between the two states, are particularly significant as the river plays a key role in the Arab country’s territorial integrity.

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