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‘EU’s Pro-JCPOA Stances Pushing Trump to Back Down’

A top Iranian diplomat and a former nuclear negotiator says the Trump administration has backed down from its anti-JCPOA rhetoric in the face of Europe’s strong support for the historic deal.

President Rouhani under Pressure on Cabinet Line-Up

As Iranian President Rouhani is preparing to announce his next cabinet, speculations are increasingly raised on his cabinet’s line-up by main political figures from the two main political camps in Iran.
Iran-Total Gas Deal Sparks Controversy in Tehran

Iran-Total Gas Deal Sparks Controversy in Tehran

A multi-billion-dollar gas deal signed between Iran and French energy giant Total for the development of Phase 11 of South Pars Gas Field has sparked mixed reactions in Iran.
Iran Should Give France Ultimatum for MKO Gathering

Iran Should Give France Ultimatum for MKO Gathering

An Iranian analyst says Tehran-Paris relations need to be redefined after the French capital recently hosted the annual gathering of the notorious anti-Iran terrorist group MKO.

Why Iran FM’s Tour of European States Matters

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesperson says cooperation with independent European states can contribute to the global security now that the US is challenging all international norms.

Iran Security Only Achievable in Safe, Developed Mideast: FM

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the Islamic Republic’s security and development can be ensured only in a secure and developed region.

All Political Camps Condemn Insults to Rouhani

Reformists and conservatives have shown that they both stand against those who seek to create tension in the society.
Why New US Sanctions on Iran Violate JCPOA

Why New US Sanctions on Iran Violate JCPOA

The new sanctions ratified by the US Senate to be imposed against Iran run counter to the nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers.
Rex Tillerson-US Double Standards towards “Inhumane” Sanctions

US Double Standards towards “Inhumane” Sanctions

The US secretary of state has called “inhumane” the sanctions imposed on Qatar by a number of Arab states and expressed concerns over the impacts of the sanctions on trade ties between his country and Qatar. This comes as Washington continues to put considerable efforts into applying illegal sanctions on Iran.
Arabian leader and Trump

Qatar; The Elder Brother’s Victim

Saudi Arabia will not need the terrorists’ backyard anymore. In the new situation, the older brother needs a victim, whose name is Qatar. The mantle of radical Islam fits Qatar gracefully and it could help Saudi Arabia get rid of the heavy charge that it is the source of terrorism.

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