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16- Fars Province

Local dresses of Iranian women (PHOTOS)

Colorfulness is the standout feature of the clothes Iranian women wear.

Hafez Memorial (PHOTOS)

Khaja Shams-ud-Din Muhammad Hafez-e Shirazi was a world-known 14th century poet who hailed from the southern city of Shiraz.

Parliament has tense session before approving JCPOA (PHOTOS)

The general outlines of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action that Iran clinched with six world powers was ratified by Iranian MPs on Sunday.
General Hamedani0

Funeral procession of General Hamedani held in Tehran (PHOTOS)

The IRGC commander who was in Syria in the capacity of a military advisor was martyred on October 8.

Reformed female addicts march, calling on others to kick habit (PHOTOS)

At the event, the rehabilitated addicts appealed to others afflicted by addiction to quit.

Meteorite found in Iran desert unveiled (PHOTOS)

The meteorite which weighs 17 kg was discovered during a desert expedition in 2013.
Ozbaki Hill_233

Ozbaki Hill (PHOTOS)

Ozbaki Hill is only known for being the origin of the first man-made adobe handed over to the United Nations.
hybrid car_0401

Fuel cell electric vehicle unveiled at university in Tehran (PHOTOS)

The main advantage of the car is that it emits water rather than fumes and thus helps ease air pollution.
Cancer specialty center

Cancer specialty center opens in northeastern Iran

The specialty center aim to help with early diagnosis of cancer and promote the quality of the patients' lives.
gymnastics boy _247

The gymnastics boy wonder from Iran aged two (PHOTOS)

New gymnastics boy wonder Arat Hosseini, two, is already able to perform the complicated poses after taking up the sport when he was just nine months old.

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