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Aminabad Caravanserai

Aminabad Caravanserai lies south of Shahreza, Isfahan province, and is a Safavid dynasty era structure and a major tourist attraction.    

Attar’s Mausoleum in Nishapur

The well-known Persian poet and mystic, Farid Ud-din Attar Nishapuri, was born in c. 1145, and martyred in c. 1221. His mausoleum is located in Khorasan Razavi province, in the city of Nishapur. April 13...

Anniversary of ​Imam Hadi​’s Martyrdom Commemorated at Sayyida Masoumah,​ Qom

Martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hadi held at holy shrine of Sayyida Masoumah in Qom, Iran 1437-2016          

Louvre Museum President Visits Iran’s Isfahan

Jean-Luc Martinez, the President of ​the ​Louvre Museum, ​took a trip to the central Iranian city of Isfahan​, where he and his delegation visited ​the historical sites​ of this tourist ​destination.​ ​The Louvre is...

Oshtoran Kooh in Lorestan

Oshtoran Kuh is a massive sub-range of the Zagros mountain chain. It is located in Lorestan province, about 500km from Tehran.    

Spring nature of Zanjan

 Beautiful nature of north-western city of Zanjan in the early days of spring.    

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Tulips Festival in Mashhad

 A festival of tulips flowers is underway in Park Mellat in the holy city of Mashhad, northeast of Iran.    

How Trees Show their Joy

In recent days, with spring arriving in full force, the Beautification Department of Tehran’s Municipality has displayed “trees of happiness” in the capital’s main street, Vali Asr. According to Honaronline website, Ms. Nasrin Sarmadi, the...

Shapouri House in Shiraz

Shapouri House is an early 20th-century Persian building and garden in the city of Shiraz, Fars province. This mansion was registered as a national building in 2000.    

Motorcycle Stunt Riding

Motorcycle Stunt Riding was held on Tuesday in Kish Island.    

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